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"Stamp of Approval"

Share the Adventure of Stamp Collecting with StampMania™,
an action-packed, educational, and fun-filled Board Game!

The object of StampMania™:

Be the FIRST PLAYER (as many as four can play) to collect all seven stamps of any of the nine countries depicted in the game, and win! Players may accumulate large sums of StampMania money, but he/she will not "win" the game unless they're the first to complete their entire "collection."
Teaches the basics:

  • How to build a stamp collection
  • How to trade and buy stamps
  • Learn about "Silent Auctions"
  • Learn about Stamp Clubs
  • How to handle money
  • What "approvals" are
  • And much more!
This game offers a wonderful opportunity for an experienced stamp collector to teach the craft to the up and coming stamp-collecting generation.

The StampMania™ game includes:

*Note: All stamps are faithfully reproduced replicas. StampMania™ does not contain any genuine stamps.

StampMania™ Game Pricing
Regular Price: $19.99

Gnome Stamp Club Discount Price:   $14.99

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