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The Gnome Village Magic and Game Shoppe would like to announce the arrival of its newest product:

Rare Stamps of the World Playing Cards

Find out what stamps are in the deck!Find out what stamps are in the deck!

Brought to you by
Gnome Village and

Now - you can own The British Guiana!
The Inverted Jenny! The Basel Dove!
US and European philatelists spent more than a year assembling this stunning collection of full color images -

54 of the rarest, most valuable stamps in the world.
Produced on a deck of bridge-size playing cards of superb quality, your "collection" is suitable for display - or for play!

Imagine owning:
The 1861 "Woodblock error" - From the Cape of Good Hope
The 1851 13 cent "Missionary" - From Hawaii
The 1854 "Inverted Head of Queen Victoria" - From India
The 1855 3 Skilling-banco "error of color" - From Sweden
The 1851 2 reales "True Blue Error" - From Spain
The 1843 90 reis "Bulls Eye" - From Brazil
The 1882 5 candarin "Wide Setting" - From China

And 41 MORE Rare & Classic Stamps of the World!!

Find out more about this deck!
Learn more about this card deck, including How To Order it! Preview the Cards in this Deck!
Special pricing for Gnome Stamp Club members. Volume discounts also available. Dealer inquires invited.

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