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Suit: Ace of Diamonds 
Country: Sweden 
Name: 'Color Error' 3 Skilling 'Yellow' 
Year: 1855 
Denomination: 3 skilling-banco 
Description: This stamp is a prime example of a specific type of error - 'error of color.' The 3 skilling denomination was supposed to be green. It is believed that this stamp found its way into a printing of the 8 skilling-banco, which was designed as an orange-yellow stamp. It is considered to be the world's second most valuable stamp, exceeded only by the British Guiana one cent magenta of 1856. The only example in existence is canceled. Its postmark reads: NKOP 18 13/7 for 'Nya Kopparberget, July 13, 1857. The stamp was used to pay 8 skilling postage rather than the supplementary postage of 3 skilling. In May 1990, this Stamp sold for 800,633 British pounds at an auction conducted by David Feldman SA. At more than $1 Million, it thus became the most valuable single stamp on cover. 
Color: 'Color Error', Dull Orange-yellow 
Used/Unused: Used 
Perf/Imperf: Perforated 
Cancel marks: Black cancel 
Catalog: Scott 1a 

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