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Suit: 3 of Diamonds 
Country: Baden (German States) 
Name: Bold Numeral Value, color error 
Year: 1851 
Denomination: 9 kreuzer 
Description: Color paper error. It is almost certain that a press operator mistook the printing plate of the 9 kreuzer inverted for the 6 kreuzer. The 6 kreuzer was printed on the green paper, and the 9 kreuzer was normally printed on rose colored paper. This unused example seems to have undergone additional color changes over time. It was in a safe or strong room, when fire broke out. High temperatures apparently caused the change of color from blue-green paper, to a yellowish or pale green. The Grand Duchy of Baden was among the first to accept an interchange of correspondence at fixed rates between Prussia and Austria. 
Color: Color Error, Black ink on Bluish green paper 
Used/Unused: Unused 
Perf/Imperf: Imperforate 
Catalog: Scott 4b 

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