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Suit: Ace of Clubs 
Country: Hawaii 
Name: 'Missionaries' 
Year: 1851 
Denomination: 2 cents 
Description: This is the only known 2 cent Uncancelled Missionary stamp. The 2 cent is almost as rare as the One Penny 'Post Office' Mauritius, though not so famous. The 2 cent is the rarest of the issue. Hawaiian 'Missionaries' are among the great rarities of the world. They are so named because they were first seen on correspondence mailed by missionaries from Honolulu, Hawaii. They are the first stamps issued by local residents in the islands' history. The stamps were printed at the office of the 'Polynesian', a newspaper that also served as the Islands' Post Office. There are several reasons for their rarity: First - they were produced and used in limited numbers; Second - they were issued over a relatively short time period; Third - they were made of fragile (thin, hard) paper, and few have survived. Postal history is rather scarce from early Hawaii, but intriguing stories have surrounded the covers which do exist. 
Color: Blue ink on White paper 
Perf/Imperf: Imperforate 
Catalog: Scott 1 

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