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Suit: Queen of Clubs 
Country: Canada 
Name: 'Twelve Pence Black' 
Year: 1851 
Denomination: 12 pence 
Description: The 12 pence black is one of Canada's great rarities; it was on sale for just a few years. Known as the 'Unpopular 12 pence black', it saw little use. This was the high value of the first three stamps issued by Canada. 12 pence was selected as its denomination instead of one shilling, because the value of the shilling varied in different parts of North America at the time. In New England, for example, the shilling was equal to 10 pence, while in New York it was valued at 7 pence-half penny. The 12 pence denomination left no room for monetary confusion. In addition to its high denomination, it was made from poor quality paper and adhesive. In 1857 all unsold stamps were destroyed. The design features the head and neck version of the youthful Queen Victoria in her robes of state, painted by the famous Royal Academician, Alfred E. Chalon, in 1837. Chalon's painting of Queen Victoria became the standard portrait for numerous other British colonies. 
Color: Black 
Used/Unused: Used 
Perf/Imperf: Imperforate 
Cancel marks: Black bull's eye cancel 
Catalog: Scott 3 

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