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Suit: 7 of Clubs 
Country: Great Britain 
Name: Two Pence Blue 
Year: 1840 
Denomination: 2 pence 
Description: Sir Rowland Hill did much more than invent the postage stamp; he literally brought the British Post Office out of the Middle Ages into modern times. Hill persuaded Great Britain to become the first country in history to issue adhesive postage stamps, the famous 'Two Pence Blue' and the 'Penny Black.' The stamps bore no inscription identifying the country of origin, a practice Britain still follows today. The very first British stamps show a portrait of Queen Victoria, and the custom of depicting Royalty on postage stamps was adopted by many countries that followed Great Britain's lead. The letters that appear in the bottom corners of the 'Two Pence Blue' (and the 'Penny Black') were intended as security against forgery. 
Color: Blue 
Used/Unused: Used 
Perf/Imperf: Imperforate 
Cancel marks: Red Maltese Cross cancel 
Catalog: Scott 2; Stanley Gibbons 4 

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