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Suit: 5 of Clubs 
Country: Moldavia 
Name: The 'Moldavia Bulls' 
Year: 1858 
Denomination: 108 parales 
Description: These first circular design issues of Moldavia were hand stamped and might be said to be the most crudely primitive stamps ever put on sale by a government. Because the impressions were hand stamped one at a time, a limited number were produced, and remainders were destroyed after the stamps were withdrawn, adding to their scarcity. The Prince of Bogdan, while on a hunting expedition in a rolling land of green countryside, witnessed the demise of his favorite dog. In defense of its master, the dog fought to its death against a wild ox. The Prince was so taken by this countryside that he returned in 1299, captured it, and named it Moldavia in honor of his dog - Molda. The stamp shows the head of a wild Ox (Aurochs), the national symbol of Moldavia, with a five-pointed star positioned between the horns atop its head. The star symbolizes a brave man. The stamps were ordered on July 1, 1858, and delivered 10 days later, on the 11th of July! Four additional denominations were issued on July 15th of the same year! Moldavia is located in South-eastern Europe, bounded by Romania and the Ukraine. Moldavia proper is a district in North-eastern Romania, so these stamps are also considered to be Romania’s first stamp issue. 
Color: Blue ink on Rose paper 
Used/Unused: Used 
Perf/Imperf: Imperforated 
Cancel marks: Light Blue cancel 
Catalog: Scott 3 

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