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Suit: 4 of Clubs 
Country: Trinidad 
Name: 'Lady McLeod' 
Year: 1847 
Denomination: 5 cents 
Description: The 'Lady McLeod' is the first adhesive stamp issued by a British colony. The stamp was a privately issued local, with no denomination shown on its face. Delivery of mail in Trinidad in the 1800's was sporadic. In 1845, David Bryce the owner of the S.S. Lady McLeod (a ship named after the Governor of Trinidad's wife) announced that he would begin a service carrying letters, parcels, and passengers from the capital, Port of Spain, to the port of San Fernando in Trinidad. The stamp had a 5 cent rate for prepaid letters carried on the sail-equipped steamer. Monogrammed (LMcL). Most used copies bear a pen cancellation in the form of a cross. This stamp is extremely rare in unused condition and is scarce used. The distinction of being a first, the scarcity of the issue, and the early philatelic interest have combined to make this local from a small island of Trinidad one of the most sought after stamps in the world. 
Color: Blue 
Used/Unused: Unused 
Perf/Imperf: Imperforate 
Catalog: Stanley Gibbons 1 

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