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Suit: Jack of Hearts 
Country: Cape of Good Hope 
Name: Woodblock Triangle, Tete-beche pair 
Year: 1861 
Denomination: 4 pence & one penny 
Description: Woodblock 4 pence error of color. The 4 pence should have been printed from the blue plate. A shipment of the 1 penny red and the 4 pence blue triangles from London was mislaid causing a shortage. Emergency measures were taken by Sir George Grey, Governor of Cape of Good Hope. Grey contracted a local printer, Saul Solomon, who was inexperienced with stamps. Solomon had a very short time in which to produce these issues. The stamps were made from engraved metal plates clamped together with blocks of wood, hence the name 'woodblock.' The resulting product was crudely printed, and Solomon had unknowingly switched the color plates of the 4 pence triangles. Cape of Good Hope triangles have a unique appeal, and were collected (even hoarded) in the early days of philately. 
Color: Carmine 
Used/Unused: Used 
Perf/Imperf: Imperforate 
Cancel marks: Red grid cancel 
Catalog: Scott 7a & 9g 

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