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Suit: Jack of Diamonds 
Country: India 
Name: Inverted Head of Queen Victoria 
Year: 1854 
Denomination: 4 annas 
Description: In 1854, the East India Company issued its first set of stamps. The highest of the four denominations issued was the 4 annas, the only stamp in the series to be printed in more than one color. The 4 annas stamp was produced using two separate operations. First, the frames were printed in red ink, then dried. The head, wavy lines, and the inscriptions were then overlaid in blue, within the red frames. It is believed that the sheets of frames were placed reversed onto the blue plate causing the heads to appear inverted. This error was discovered twenty years AFTER the stamp was first issued. In addition, the 4 annas was designed to be octagonal in shape, but a few were cut square. There are only three remaining square cut invert examples, making this stamp the rarest of the rare. 
Color: Blue & Pale Red 
Used/Unused: Used 
Perf/Imperf: Imperforate 
Cancel marks: Lightly canceled with Calcutta postmark: a diamond of dots 
Catalog: Scott 6c; Stanley Gibbons 18a 

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