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Suit: Jack of Spades 
Country: Switzerland 
Name: Double Geneva 
Year: 1843 
Denomination: 10 centimes 
Description: The Double Geneva of Switzerland ranks as one of the world's greatest rarities, as well as one of the most unusual stamps ever issued. The stamp was formed by the joining of two 5 cent stamps with a rectangle above the two stamps reading '10. PORT CANTONAL. CENT.' The double stamp was used on letters weighing less than one ounce going from one canton in Geneva to another. The single 5 cent met the rate for a letter being sent to an addressee within the limits of the canton in which it was mailed. The stamps were sold in sheets, and users cut the stamps apart to meet the correct rate, sometimes cutting through the same stamps rather than dividing two sets of Double Geneva. These unusual combinations, and the fact that only 6,000 double stamps were printed, account for the Double Geneva's rarity. Only six such pairs are known to exist. Stamps show the Geneva's Coat of Arms. 
Color: Black ink on Yellow -green paper 
Used/Unused: Used 
Perf/Imperf: Imperforated 
Cancel marks: Red cancel 
Catalog: Scott 2L1 

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