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Suit: 4 of Spades 
Country: USA 
Name: St. Louis 'Bears,' St. Louis, Missouri Postmaster's provisional 
Year: 1845 
Denomination: 10 cents 
Description: These stamps acquired the nickname St. Louis 'Bears' because their design featured the Missouri Coat-of-Arms. The Arms depict two standing bears. They face each other holding the circular state seal surrounded by a garter inscribed with UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. The bears stand on a ribbon bearing the inscription SALUS POPULI SUPREMA LEX ESTO, meaning 'Let the people's welfare be the supreme law'. Above the Arms, diagonally at left and right, are the words SAINT and LOUIS; between are the values of the three denominations issued: 5, 10, and 20 cents. 
Color: Black ink on Greenish gray wove paper 
Used/Unused: Used 
Perf/Imperf: Imperforate 
Catalog: Scott 11X2 

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