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Suit: 9 of Diamonds 
Country: USA 
Name: 'Alexandria Blue Boy' Alexandria, Virginia Postmaster's provisional 
Year: 1846 
Denomination: 5 cents 
Description: Alexandria (VA) provisional stamps were usually printed on buff paper, and all are scarce. This rarest of the Alexandria provisionals exists on blue paper, and is affectionately known as the 'Alexandria Blue Boy'. 'Type I' contains 40 asterisks arranged in a circle. This is the ONLY example known to exist. It was discovered on 'love letter' correspondence which revealed a secret and unsanctioned betrothal. In the text, the young man instructed his betrothed to burn the letter after reading it, to preserve the secret. Fortunately (for us, at least,) she did not do so. 
Color: Black ink on Blue paper attached to cover 
Used/Unused: Used 
Perf/Imperf: Imperforate 
Cancel marks: Black Paid cancel 
Catalog: Scott 1X2 

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