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Two Pence Blues
The "Penny Black"
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The 1840 Great Britain "Penny Black" and its cousin, the "Two Penny Blue" (technically the Two Pence Blue), were the first postage stamps ever issued. That's why nearly all collectors consider these stamps desirable. But they are often hard to find! And often very expensive!

The gnomes at the Gnome Stamp Shoppe have been sorting and grading a lot of Great Britain "Penny Blacks" and "Two Pence Blues." In fact, the Gnome Stamp Shoppe has the largest inventory of Used 1840 "Penny Blacks" in the Western U.S. (and, just possibly, the entire U.S.!) That's good news for you!

Available in five "grades" from "Good" to "Superb," we're sure to have the Used "Penny Black" you've always wanted - and, starting at $120.00, (less your Gnome Stamp Club Member discount) prices you can afford. Browse our Penny Black lists and you'll be on your way to owning the world's "number one" stamp!

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Do you Collect British Empire?
If you do, you should know that we have a very nice selection of "Two Pence Blues." For complete descriptions of the material we have available, visit our Two Pence Blues web pages!

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