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Thoughts on Purchasing Rare Stamps

Remember, collecting rare stamps should be undertaken as a long-term investment. Like any other investment, it is possible (if the timing is right) to buy a rare stamp and make a handsome profit in a short period of time. However, this is not the norm. Most investments require patience and an understanding of how markets work in relation to the economy.

Collectors of rare stamps are a special breed. They find the beauty and romance of a special rarity as exciting (maybe more so) as its investment potential. Many times, even when the price has doubled or tripled in value they are reluctant to part with their miniature treasure. On the other hand, the true investor often takes his profit when the opportunity arises.

There is room for both species in the rare stamp world. Our expert rare stamp staff at the Gnome Stamp Shoppe can assist you whenever you are ready to collect or invest or when you decide to sell.

With rare stamps you are collecting history, romance, mystery, and intrigue; you are investing in a portable, lightweight item that is liquid worldwide. A very important rule, however, when buying rare stamps for whatever reason is KNOW YOUR SOURCE. Like anything else, you can lose a great deal if you trust your savings to someone you are not 100% sure of. A reputable rare stamp dealer will not make promises of 'quick buck' profits. Beware of anyone who makes rash promises regarding any kind of investment - stamps are no exception.

If undertaken cautiously and intelligently, an investment in rare stamps can return handsome profits...... over the long term.

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