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The Story of the Inverted Jenny

It pays to check postage stamps when purchasing them from the post office. Although it is rare to see as many errors as years past, errors still do occur and when they do they can be very valuable to a collector. The fact that they are errors, however, does not guarantee that they will be worth a fortune – how many have been printed is the determining factor.

A case in point is the famous story of the inverted Jenny. In 1918, Mr. W.T. Robey purchased a sheet of the newly issued 24 cent airmail stamps, an airplane in flight. Much to his amazement, upon examining the sheet, he discovered that the airplane was shown flying upside down. Mr. Robey sold his sheet, which cost him $24, to a syndicate for $15,000 who, in turn, sold it to a Colonel Green for $20,000. The wealthy U.S. collector retained a block of eight for his own collection and broke the sheet up and sold the rest to other collectors. Today, each of these stamps, with a face value of 24 cents, catalogs (Scotts) for $115,000 each and many have sold for much higher prices… all because of a printer’s error!
Inverted Jenny
USA - 24 cents
1918 - Scott C3a

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