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Recommended Reading in Philately

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Linn's Philatelic Gems - by Donna O'Keefe Houseman.

An enjoyable 175-page book describing the philatelic rarities of the world. A must for those intrigued by the romance and mystery surrounding rare stamps.  Note:  There are also 3 other editions of this book.  Click here to view those additions at  Part 2, Part 3, or Part 4.

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Jenny - by George Amick.

The book is about the travels of all 100 copies of the world's best known error.

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Fun and Profit in Stamp Collecting - by Herman Herst, Jr. (Revised Edition).

Sound practical advice from a well respected stamp collector and author, who is obviously more interested in the "fun" of stamp collecting, than the "profit."


The Scott Stamp Atlas - by Ludvik Mucha and Bohuslav Hlinka.

A very educational combination of maps/text describing each individual stamp-issuing country that ever existed. Provides data on the historical and political background and discusses the actual production of stamps in considerable detail, plus much more. The entire world stamp production of about 230,000 stamps is represented.

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Chinese Orange - by Ellery Queen.

An excellent stamp collector's mystery surrounding the investigation of a murder committed in a hermetically sealed room. The cast of interesting characters will keep your interest piqued.

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The Scarlet Ruse - by John D. McDonald.

A non-stamp collector is introduced to stamp collecting by an old stamp dealer who sells stamps for investments. This entertaining mystery will give you a broad knowledge on how the stamp investment business operates

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Stamp Collecting is Fun - by I Michael Orenstein.

This is a funny beginner's book

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Still More Stories to Collect Stamps by - by Herman Herst, Jr.

A follow on book to Fun and Profit in Stamp Collecting by the same author.  

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Stamp Identifer - by Donna O'Keefe.

Designed to help you simply, accurately, and quickly determine the origin of even the most obscure stamps. Includes an alphabetical listing of more than 2,000 inscriptions and over 500 large and incredibly clear stamp illustrations that enable you to locate the identity of the most difficult issues. Also includes listings for the Greek and Cyrillic alphabets, the various alphabets of India, and a section devoted exclusively to Arabian and Oriental issues.

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Encyclopaedia of Rare and Famous Stamps - by L. N. Williams, published by David Feldman, Geneva.

Actually one of two incredible books containing a huge number of detailed stories about the most famous stamps in the world. Each encyclopedia is chock full of interesting stories and beautiful glossy pictures of stamps. This is the ultimate reference album for the serious stamp collector.

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The Stanley Gibbons Book of Stamps and Stamp Collecting - by James Watson.

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Stamps for the Investor - by T.N. Trikilis.

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The Pageant of Civilization: rld Romance & Adventure As Told by Postage Stamps
- by F.B. Warren.

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