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Welcome to the Gnome Village Stamp gNews and Archive Page!

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gNews Flash! 
Ok, this is just a reminder about our stamp supplies company, Freeway Supplies.  Freeway Supplies moved to Ashland, Oregon last year from Los Angeles, and has been very busy selling Stamp Supplies to you in the friendliest and fastest method possible!  Over the past few months, and over the next few as well, Freeway Supplies has been getting this website ready for YOU!  However, they're still available full time to handle your stamp supply needs!

The Gnome Stamp Shoppe is simply the on-line store-front of Freeway Supplies, and your orders will be handled by the exact same people!  However, the Gnome Stamp Shoppe will be available 24-hours a day, every day of the year, ready to take your order!


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Please feel free to browse our library of Books we Recommend, which focus on Philately.
Many of these books are educational and all are entertaining!


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We plan to have many stories and tips on Stamp Collecting and Investing.
Please feel free to browse our current selection:

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11/16/01  The Story of the St. Louis "Bears"
11/16/01  The Bermuda "Postmaster" Provisional
11/15/01  Canada's 12 Pence Black
11/12/01  The Brazil Bullseyes
11/2/01  The Mauritius Post Office Errors
3/2/01  The Story of the Inverted Jenny
3/2/01  More thoughts on purchasing and collecting stamps
3/1/01  The Story of the British Guiana
3/1/01  How to Buy and Sell Stamps for Profit
3/1/01  The Story of the Cape of Good Hope
3/1/01  Jean de Sperati ... King of Counterfeits

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