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The Gnome Stamp Shoppe

For all collecting levels, from beginner to intermediate to philatelic rarities, the Gnome Stamp Shoppe gnomes have the inventory and extensive international Gnome gNetworks to locate ANY stamp or collection that is of interest to you.  A complete range of stamp supplies, such as albums, mounts, hinges, and tongs are also available.

You can view our inventory of Great Britain Penny Blacks and Two Pence Blues in the Stamp Shoppe!

The Gnome Stamp Shoppe is also the site of the new Gnome Stamp Club!  Visit the Gnome Stamp Club!

The Gnome Coin Shoppe

Like the Gnome Stamp Shoppe, The Gnome Coin Shoppe is the ultimate source for all numismatic interests.  From beginning kits to newly minted sets to ancient and rare coins, and Gold and Silver bullion, the Gnome Coin Shoppe gnomes have it all!  Simply let us know what it is you'd like to have, and if we haven't got it, we'll check our worldwide Gnome gNetwork to find it for you.

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The Gnome Magic and Game Shoppe

Magic tricks and instructional publications, from the simplest sleight of hand to complex, large scale illusions, for budding gnome wizards and gnome master prestidigitators alike.  Specialty card decks with pictures and descriptions of famous rare stamps or coins are also available.

The Gnome Magic and Game Shoppe is also where you'll find our new and exiciting Rare Stamps of the World Playing Cards! Each card in the deck has a different beautiful picture of a rare or classic stamp on it!

The Gnome Gem and Jewelry Shoppe

The Gnome Gem and Jewelry Shoppe gnomes are qualified gemologists. They offer high quality costume jewelry at affordable pricing, plus custom designed fine jewelry and investment quality gemstones.

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The Gnome gNews & Gift Shoppe

Our gnomes assemble articles from prestigious numismatic, gemological, and philatelic publications into our interesting periodical, The Gnome gNews.  Thousands of self-help and special interest publications are also available at the gNews and Gift Shoppe, as are Philatelic and Numismatic games and specialty articles.

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